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All about Kyїvproekt

What does KYЇVPROEKT mean for Kyiv?
  • All post-WWII general outlays of the capital have been developed here.
  • That’s the birthplace of Kyiv modernism which became the symbol of the new architectural mentality.
  • The constellation of brilliant experts has been formed here, which helped shaped the image of the city.
  • All significant buildings of the post-WWII Kyiv have been created here.
Buildings designed in KYЇVPROEKT
  • KYЇVPROEKT is the place of power in Kyiv, where the most brilliant, progressive, brave and modern ideas have been born.
  • KYЇVPROEKT represents the history of Kyiv in the second half of the ХХ century.
  • Our goal is to preserve this part of history which unites the past and the future.
  • Drawing comparison in the global context, we turn to one of the most significant architectural schools in Europe and in the world.
  • It’s Bauhaus, the high school of building and artistic construction that existed in Germany from 1919 till 1933.
  • Ideas and principles of Bauhaus have spread all over the world and became the turning point in architecture, art and design. Even now we can feel this wave of inspiration.
one of the BAUHAUS Founders
Walter Gropius
Let us together invent and create the new building of the future, which will be everything in one form – architecture, sculpture and painting – and which will one day rise heavenwards from the hands of million craftsmen as crystalline symbol of a new coming faith.
  • Just like Bauhaus one hundred years ago, fifty years ago KYЇVPROEKT was the birthplace of architectural innovations that changed the city landscape.
  • And, just like Bauhaus, the renovated KYЇVPROEKT creates a context which stimulates the re-interpretation and development, the mixture of ideas and formation of trends that are changing the life around us.
In KYЇVPROEKT renovation we adhere to the key principles of Bauhaus as the architectural school the most close ideologically to Kyiv modernism:
  • Functionality principle – architectural image of the house is defined by a clear and distinct understanding of its future function
  • Interfusion of architecture and art
  • Consistency, absence of pretentious and fancy features, keeping to distinct geometrical form – in architecture, interior design and signature style of the project
  • Elaborate embodiment of social function – harmony between corporate and social spaces
  • Our goal – is to create a new ecosystem in the center of Kyiv, which will unite architecture, design, art, technology, education and business.
    It’s the very place for those who desire to be at the starting point of everything new, modern and progressive.
    It’s the new center of attraction for those striving to change environment and, at the same time, to change themselves, – for talented people, innovators and visionaries.
    For those who wish to participate directly in the most interesting and vital events of this city and the whole country.
  • Signature architecture of the building
  • In public areas we will have a multimedia display of KYЇVPROEKT digital archives
  • Educational platforms for architects and urban creators, architectural school for kids
  • ART
  • Impressive street sculpture in the internal yard of KYЇVPROEKT
  • Art residence for young artists working under supervision of an experienced artist
  • Art objects created by the residents become a part of the display in KYЇVPROEKT public areas
  • Educational platform for designers
  • Showrooms of subject design for home and office is a great advantage for Ukrainian brands
  • Modern design implemented in interiors, public areas and displayed in visual materials
  • Residence for the makers
  • Robotics school for lids and teenagers
  • Showrooms of Ukrainian technological brands