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Client Technical Control

Client Technical Control
Client Technical Control – is a unique project, allowing a future resident to participate in the construction process.
We understand that client, as an investor and customer of services, must be able to observe the construction progress, carry out control over the term of commissioning of the facility, make proposals with regard to the quality of construction materials and affect the specific design solutions. This is precisely why we involve the buyer of real estate into the process and change his/her role as observer to the role as participant.
Client Technical Control objective – is to create an interaction system, which will help to build a residential complex in accordance with the expectations of investor.
Client Technical Control grants the following rights to the future residents:
  • to hold a monthly inspection of the site together with an executive architect, manager of the project and representatives;
  • to control compliance of the actual specifications of the facility with the planned ones;
  • to monitor construction terms;
  • to control execution of territory improvement works;
  • to check the lighting and equipment of public places;
  • to discuss the technical inspection results;
  • to compile the list of proposals for the company.
Client Control Procedure
We invite all investors to become the participants of Client Control.
All investors receive an invitation to a meeting to monitor its readiness, prepare proposals for landscaping, etc.
Informing about Customer control is done via SMS and push-message in the Sfera mobile application.
When visiting the site the following persons meet the investors:
  • Project Manager;
  • Chief of the Technical Control Service;
  • Architect of the building;
  • Engineer of the building;
  • Representative of the Sales Department;
  • Representative of ATMOSFERA managing company.
Based on the results, the initiative group gets a report mentioning the snagging items of construction which the company is ready to eliminate.
Initiative group can affect as follows:
  • compliance of the quality of the declared project with the one of actual construction
  • choice of specific types of finish materials
  • design of public places
  • redevelopment
СЕО текст для зразку
Итальянские дизайнеры, с которыми мы сотрудничаем, разработали четыре ключевых направления, которые будут использоваться в оформлении апартаментов. В своих проектах они вдохновлялись творчеством всемирно известных художников. Часть из них тесно связана с Украиной. Это Василий Кандинский, Казимир Малевич и Энди Уорхол. Мы позаботились о том, чтобы избавить жителей SAGA City Space от лишних хлопот. Именно