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Features of the architecture of KYЇVPROEKT Citу Space


Integrity, lack of pretentiousness and adherence to clear geometric shapes — if we need to name the main features of the architecture of KYЇVPROEKT Citу Space, these three Bauhaus principles would best describe the image of the house. We used approaches from one of the most progressive architectural schools in Europe and the world to develop the idea of ​​the building and find its new functions.

The height of KYЇVPROEKT Citу Space will be 8 and 24 floors. The first three floors will be occupied by retail premises, 4-8 floors are reserved for offices, 9-24 — for apartments.

We will keep the rhythm of the existing Kievproject building, but we will abandon the wet facade technology. The house will be finished from natural stone: granite and marble. The main material for floors 1-5 and part of the 6th floor will be gray granite. A translucent system will be installed from 6th to 8th floors - it will dilute the facade of the house and create a border between the commercial part of the house and its dominant apartment. Black marble will be used for finishing 9-18 floors, white marble will be used for the facade from 19-24 floors.

For KYЇVPROEKT Citу Space, we have chosen ventilated facades. They consist of several layers of materials: thermal and waterproofing layer, mineral wool insulation and facing material. The facade frame has ventilated gaps, which increases the thermal insulation properties: the air that circulates between the wall and the material prevents the formation of condensation and excess moisture.

Of course, the windows are from ceiling to floor, so that residents can enjoy the view of the city center, the architecture of Kiev and feel its vibe? All windows in the house will be custom-made. Double-glazed windows, high-quality aluminum profile and micro-ventilation mode will provide an optimal microclimate in the apartment.

In order to preserve the uniform style of the house and the cleanliness of the facade of KYЇVPROEKT Citу Space, we will create a design code - a set of rules that prohibit hanging air conditioners on the house, placing signs or changing windows with a profile of a different color.

Want to know more about the house and its architecture? Please contact our managers at 44 Antonovich Street. We will also be happy to advise you by phone, the number of which is indicated in the header of the site.

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