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Sale of the apartments in the KYЇVPROEKT Citу Space is open!


The building, in which the landmarks of the capital were created, the most talented architects worked and the most progressive ideas were born, which determined the architectural appearance of the city. This is KYЇVPROEKT. Today begins its new story, which will inspire the City of Kyiv for the next 100 years - the story of the KYЇVPROEKT City Space.

We are starting the renovation of the KYЇVPROEKT building and opening the sale of the apartments in the KYЇVPROEKT City Space!

After three years of searching, spatial and sociological research, the developers of the Perfect Group project, SAGA Development and KYЇVPROEKT Development reload the building and turn it into a multifunctional space that will become the center of gravity of everything new and trendy. Everyone who followed the announcements of the project can already choose an apartment in the heart of the City of Kyiv.

KYЇVPROEKT City Space is located at 16-22 Bohdan Khmelnytsky Street. Five minutes’ walk from the main street of the capital - Khreshchatyk Street, four minutes - from the Shevchenko National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, and three minutes - from the metro station Teatralna. The building is surrounded by the administrative and cultural institutions, banks, modern business centers, famous restaurateurs and shopping centers. Living here, it's easy to forget where the car keys are - in the KYЇVPROEKT.City Space everything is close by, so the business trips are guaranteed to change to hiking.

But the residents don't even have to go outside their homes to get the full range of the emotions: go to the premiere of a new film, visit the showroom of a famous brand or listen to a lecture.

The internal infrastructure of the KYЇVPROEKT City Space will combine seven thematic labs and will be a place for the birth of the new progressive ideas and trends, work and development of the modern brands. Here is everything for living and doing business:

Fashion Lab with the showrooms of the Ukrainian and international brands, boutiques of accessories, cosmetics and perfumes;

Healthy Lab, where the SPA and fitness center, sports shops and sports nutrition shops will work;

Smart Lab with the flagship gadget and home appliances stores, VR-space and showrooms of the Ukrainian technology brands;

Education Lab is a space for the lectures, conferences, presentations, public discussions, as well as educational platform and coworking;

Kids Lab, which combines a children's educational platform and entertainment centers;

Media Lab with video and sound recording studio, mini-cinema and exhibition hall;

Kitchen Lab includes a supermarket, gourmet shops, a food court and a panoramic restaurant.

The commercial premises with a total area of 29,897 m2 will occupy the 8 first floors of the KYЇVPROEKT City Space and will become a large-scale platform for the Ukrainian and international brands and initiatives.

Inside the KYЇVPROEKT City Space there is a public space to which all citizens of the City of Kyiv will have an access. There will be a main square with the summer playgrounds and an amphitheater, where the visitors can sit on the stairs in the shade of the trees. The entrance to the main square will be through a passage.

From the 9th to the 24th floors of the building there are 272 apartments with a total area of ​​30,948 m2. All apartment layouts are free. We do not build the partitions in the rooms so that the residents have more free space and more opportunities to organize their space. The area of ​​the apartments is from 41 m2 to 115 m2. The building has a semi-private area, which will be available only to the residents.

For car storage there is an underground parking lot for 179 parking spaces.

Do you want to learn more about the KYЇVPROEKT City Space? All questions about the building and apartment planning will be answered by our manager. Visit our sales department at: 44 Antonovycha Street.

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