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Sfera Living System

ATMOSFERA is a facility company, which cares about the comfortable and happy life of its residents in all buildings at RYBALSKY.

A goal of the ATMOSFERA system is to timely foreseen the residents’ needs and provide their immediate and proper performance. ATMOSFERA is at hand at all stages of interaction between the resident and apartment or a building: from initial provision of information, commissioning, acquiring property right to termination of maintenance and, for example, calling a plumber.

The ATMOSFERA management company is a team of professionals with a well-equipped material and technical base, a service manager who will help solve all issues of the move, and a concierge who will resolve all issues after check-in: from delivering food to calling a plumber.
  • registration of property right to the apartment,
  • establishment of an Associations of Co-owners of Multi-Storey Residential Buildings,
  • management of costs and utility services,
  • timely failure removal,
  • responsibility for each resident’s task
  • energy saving solutions
  • signing contracts with service providers: heat, water, electricity,
  • cleaning of common areas,
  • security in the building and on its territory,
  • assistance in equipping the "smart apartment" system,
  • formation of tariffs and bills.
  • reporting on construction,
  • door intercom in a smartphone – open your door with the mobile application even when you are not at home,
  • important notifications,
  • news of the building,
  • financial reconciliation,
  • pay for utilities in two clicks,
  • remote camera monitoring system in areas of common use,
  • all documents in one place,
  • billing,
  • a convenient way to pay for any application of the management company,
  • the possibility of ordering the services of a management company or concierge service
  • section "Domokraty" - voting for important initiatives or proposals of neighbors,
  • planned works calendar.
  • street lighting control,
  • automated lighting in entrances,
  • video surveillance
  • IP-домофонія,
  • Access Control System,
  • collection of data from energy meters
  • automation and control of an individual heating point,

«Smart Home» system is installed in all common facilities. It does not apply to a private space. The «Smart Apartment» system is a part of the private space, so it can be installed only at the discretion of the resident.

We strive to create not only buildings but also an atmosphere in it.

We dream of achieving cosiness and absolute comfort which will be emphasized by modern technologies.

That's why every building is equipped with the ATMOSFERA, a system for life.