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Technical details

When buying an apartment, you have so many questions about the house it’s located in. What the finishing of the facade look like? How many elevators for the resident will be there? Will there be an underground parking space?
We have gathered together all the main facts about KYЇVPROEKT Citу Spacе to answer the most frequently asked questions from our buyers.
The walls
External walls of KYЇVPROEKT Citу Spacе are made with ceramic hollow bricks. Despite their small weight, such bricks have a high heat conductivity factor, thermal- and sound- insulation. Such bricks are easy for laying, which allows to make the building process faster, and are made with eco-friendly materials providing good durability. The sand and cement grout is used to fill in the brick joints.
Height of the ceilings in the apartments constitutes 3 m, in commercial premises on the ground floor — 4.9 m, floors from 2nd to 7th — 3.3 m and 3 m on the 8th floor.
Windows for KYЇVPROEKT Citу Spacе will be customized, with triple-pane glass, high-quality aluminum sections, trickle ventilation mode and thermal conductivity factor 0,75 m². This factor corresponds to the first (colder) temperature zone in Ukraine, covering Kyiv, Kyiv region and 14 other regions.
We have selected suspended ventilated facade systems for KYЇVPROEKT Citу Spacе. They are made with several layers of materials (thermal- and hydro- insulation layer, heat-preserving insulation and glazing material), providing the optimal micro-climate within the house. The facade structure has ventilated spaces, which increases the heat insulation factors: the air circulates between the wall and the glazing material, helping to avoid the condensation and excess moisture.
Residents of KYЇVPROEKT Citу Space will not need to install air conditioners. Central air conditioning is already installed in the house, a modern multi-functional system cooling, moisturizing and purifying the air, sustaining an optimal micro-climate in apartments and public areas. Central air conditioning systems also helps to preserve the architecture of KYЇVPROEKT Citу Space — no conditioners will be placed on the facade.
Nowadays, there are two ways to provide heating to a house: you can either connect it to the central heating supply system or install an independent heating module in the house. KYЇVPROEKT Citу Spacе combines both types of heating — own gas-fired heating module and central municipal heating. This version is much more efficient since it allows us to regulate the heat supply and provide the uninterrupted supply of hot water. The latter is especially advantageous during summertime, when all scheduled repairs and tests of the central networks are conducted.
Security system
Entrance to the residential area will be possible only with access cards, and only the residents of KYЇVPROEKT Citу Spacе and the service staff will be able to receive them. Access cards allow you to enter the house and to get to your floor. In order to access another floor, for instance, if your friends live there, you need to apply to the housing office for cross-access. The house will be equipped with IP-intercom system with video call screen. It will allow the visitors to contact the concierge or a selected apartment. A resident will be able to see the visitor on the screen and open the door via the intercom system or the SFERA device application. The house premises and public areas will be under 24/7 video scanning. House security service will be located on the ground floor.
3 elevators will be installed in the residential area and 5 elevators – in the commercial area.
Parking space
Resident owning cars will be able to keep them in the underground parking area. There will be 179 parking lots, standard and family-size Want to learn more about KYЇVPROEKT Citу Spacе? Please, dial the phone number indicated on our website and visit our sales centre at Antonovycha str., 44.